30 june 2019
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26 june 2019
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21 june 2019
If you plan to attend the City Tour on July 02, please register until June 24, 2019!


19 june 2019
Participants who have registered for the visit to PIK reactor may check the visit date in the lists




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St. Petersburg is Russia's second largest city, with a population of 5 million perched at the eastern tip of the Baltic Sea and the Neva River… But ask anybody in Russia what they think about St. Petersburg and you'll have the impression it's the cultural capital of the country. Read more...








 ensa The European Neutron Scattering Association (ENSA) is an affiliation of national neutron scattering societies and committees, which directly represent users. The overriding purposes of ENSA are to provide a platform for discussion and a focus for action in neutron scattering and related topics in Europe.
National Research Center «Kurchatov Institute» is one of the leading research centers in the world and the largest interdisciplinary laboratory in Russia. A substantial part of Russian nuclear physics facilities has been consolidated in NRC «Kurchatov Institute».
Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute named by B.P. Konstantinov of National Research Centre «Kurchatov Institute» (NRC «Kurchatov Institute» - PNPI) is one of seven research centers within the National Research Center «Kurchatov Institute».In PNPI there are the following research divisions: Theoretical Physics Division, Neutron Research Division, High Energy Physics Division, Molecular and Radiation Biophysics Division, Knowledge Transfer Division.
The Russian Neutron Scattering Society (ROSNEUTRO) was founded at the XVIII Workshop on the use of neutron scattering techniques in condensed matter research (RNIKS-2004), which took place in Zarechny, Sverdlovsk Oblast from 12 to 16 October 2004. The Russian neutronography society includes more than 300 leading Russian scientists who use neutron scattering methods in their work. The meetings of the society are held regularly on the basis of the All-Russian Conference RNICS - RNSICS. ROSNEUTRO represents the interests of the Russian Federation in the European Neutron Scattering Association (ENSA).
Saint Petersburg State University is a Russian federal state-owned higher education institution based in Saint Petersburg. It is the oldest and one of the largest universities in Russia.
The “Interregional Innovative Development Center” company (INNO-MIR). The main areas of expertise of the company are Project and Event Management. The business reputation of executives and employees of the company is confirmed by the presence of long-term relationships with partners and customers, high ratings and positive feedback from partners, co-organisers and participants of the events.